During Fall 2021 – Summer 2023, I was a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University, working with Cameron Franc. I have also been a postdoctoral researcher at Dartmouth College as part of the Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation, a postdoctoral fellow at the CRM thematic semester “Cohomology in Arithmetic”, and a Postdoctoral Scholar at Vanderbilt University. I got my Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in 2019, under the supervision of Thomas R. Shemanske.

My research interests lie broadly in algebraic number theory from a computational aspect. Specifically, I study orders in semisimple algebras, their arithmetic subgroups, and modular forms. I use a variety of computer algebra systems, and I primarily code in Magma and Sage.

Contact information
Email: babeiangelica at gmail dot com