During Fall 2021 – Summer 2023, I am a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University, working with Cameron Franc. I have also been a postdoctoral researcher at Dartmouth College as part of the Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation, a postdoctoral fellow at the CRM thematic semester “Cohomology in Arithmetic”, and a Postdoctoral Scholar at Vanderbilt University. I got my Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in 2019, under the supervision of Thomas R. Shemanske.

My research interests lie broadly in algebraic number theory, including but not restricted to classical and Hilbert modular forms, quaternionic orders and orders in central simple algebras, and Bruhat-Tits buildings. I use a variety of computer algebra systems, and I primarily code in Magma and Sage.

Contact information
Email: babeiangelica at gmail dot com